Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you really?
A full-service recording facility featuring state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff. We are pleased to provide top-of-the-line multi-track audio recording, mixing, production, mastering, electronic press kit development, and multimedia services all at competitive rates.

How much are the EPKS?
They start at $250 (see more)

Wait, what is an EPK?
EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. (see more)

If I want my session when I leave, how much is that?
We release the session once all fees have been paid to Playground Studios LLC for services rendered. There is only a $5 charge for the DVD.

What is the hourly rate?
Hourly rates vary depending on the type of project. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project, and receive a direct quote.

Who works at the playground studios?
Industry professionals who work within the music industry.

What classes do you offer?
We offer classes in music production, audio engineering, and music theory.

What software do you teach?
We currently offer courses on Pro Tools and Reason.

Do you have payment plans available for classes?
Absolutely! Our payment plans are completely customizable to suit the needs of each student on an individual basis. (see more)

What is the cost of the classes that you offer?
Please contact us to discuss tuition and payments.

How long will it take to record?
We can capture your sound as fast as you can deliver it. Some clients have recorded full songs in as little as 1-2 hrs, others have taken much longer. Please rehearse your material before the day of your scheduled recording session. 

What producers do you work with?
We work with all producers.

Who are the engineers?
Chaka Harley is our Chief Engineer. We also work with freelance engineers.

How soon can I come in?
Contact us to schedule your free consultation. We will schedule your appointment for the next available date.

How long have we been in business?
4 yrs

Who has recorded at your studio?
Shirley Ceasar, Yolanda Rabun, Darion Brockington (of Foreign Exchange), Cafe' co Leche', MTV MAde, and many more...

Can the facilities be used for workshops?
Yes, contact us for more info.

Where are you located?
1500 East Club Blvd. #2 Durham, NC 27704 - Directions

What artists do you have?
We are a recording studio so we don’t sign artists who come, we offer services. However, we do have a couple locked away under our control room.

How much does it cost to use the green screen?
$100/hr or $500/day

What is mixing, and why should I get the song mixed?
Audio mixing is the process by which a multitude of recorded sounds is combined into one or more channels, most commonly two-channel stereo. In the process, the source signals' level, frequency content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated and effects such as reverb may be added. This practical, aesthetic or otherwise creative treatment is done in order to produce a mix that is more appealing to listeners. A good mix will make your product stand out from the rest and is a requirement for radio airplay.

What is Mastering?
Mastering is the process of optimizing the sound of your product for commercial use. It requires experienced ears to help you achieve industry-standard quality.

What are the hours of operation?
We schedule studio sessions at any time of the day by appointment only

What type of music do we record?
We record all music, including live instrumentation.

Can you guys record opera?

Do you record video, if so is that included in the hourly rate?
Video recording is not included in our hourly rates. We often document our recording sessions in video format. The footage captured with our equipment is considered property of Playground Studios LLC. This footage is not available for release to clients unless the client hires the studio to record video footage as a part of their recording package. 

Do we have D.A.T equipment, if so can we transfer a D.A.T tape to a cd?
Yes, we can transfer DAT tape to cd, Pro Tools, or any other format. Our normal hourly rates apply.

Do you make copies of CDs?
Yes. We have awesome prices on CD/DVD duplication and replication. (see more)

Do you have Pro Tools?
Yes. Please see equipment specs.

What is Pro-tools?
Pro Tools is the industry-standard hardware and software for digital recording and editing.

What plugins do you have?
We have lots of plug-ins. Please see equipment specs.