Payment Plans:

At Playground Academy, we understand that the cost of education can often be expensive. We assist our students in managing this hurdle by providing customizable financing & payment plans for our training programs.

How does it work?
No credit checks! Your check writing history gets you approved.
Students wishing to use the payment plan are required to fill in a Payment Plan Application Form and submit it to Playground Academy staff at the commencement of the course. The application form includes your checking account details that Playground Academy will use to process the agreed periodic payments from.

Am I eligible?
You are eligible if you meet our three simple requirements. Applicants must have a valid checking account, valid state id (driver's license or military id), and proof of income.

How much does it cost?
Payments vary depending on the overall course fee. If you make all scheduled payments on time it will only cost you the standard course fee plus a nominal administration fee. Please
contact us for more details.

When are the payments due?
We work with each student on an individual basis to establish flexible payment terms. The payments will be deducted automatically on the dates established by both parties during the initial application process.

Do I still get my certificate at the end of the course even if the payment plan isn't finished?
This is where our payment plans differ from most other training providers. When you complete your studies you will be issued your certificate and the payment plan will continue until the scheduled completion date.

More Information?
Contact us to speak with a Playground Academy representative.